1. What is delivery method?

Once we have received your payment, our server will create the download and send you the link immediately to your email address. It’s a permanent link. It is a digital copy so I recommend that you download it and save it on your hard drive.

 If the link is not working or has expired, please email us or wait for up to 6 hours before we send you a new one.

You can also manage products that you have downloaded directly from the website.

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Please click to buton: Purchased and click your course purchared

3. Click tab Curriculum you will see your download.

4. If you cannot find the download link. Please don’t worry, our support team will update and notify you as soon as possible in 9:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Time UTC +8 hours)


2. Refund policy?

Every product on our website was double-checked before being sold. After you have made a payment, we won’t issue a refund. Only PRE-ORDER products for we are unable to provide a refund for will be refunded.

100% money-back guarantee! Digital downloads like MP3s, MP4s, and PDFs cannot be refunded due to the nature of digital purchases. We will however refund any fault we have (unavailable products or missing content, corrupt files, low quality, incorrect product… etc).

We have carefully reviewed all products and found the following contents to be unacceptable. If we are unable to provide the product, we will refund you. We will assist you if your order is not as described. Thank you for your understanding. We are grateful for your patience.

+ Call from the author for a coaching call or weekly/monthly phone call

+ Access author private Facebook groups or the web portal for the course

+ Software, Tools, and App (please contact our team to confirm)

+ Access author private membership forum

+ Email support by the author or their team

If you feel happy and have enough money, it is worth the investment. To get all the “Excluded” content, we encourage you to purchase this product directly from the Author.

We appreciate you taking the time to view our site and use our services.



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— Boss Hub

Meditation Practitioner - NLP
“ I am very happy and satisfied. I cannot express my happiness in words. Burt Goldman is a teacher to me. In 2011, I used his meditation program, which I purchased from today. I had an app at the time. But after a few months, my app data was lost. and. Looking through it for a very long time thank you thankyou. Brainlearn is a great resource. Again, I cannot express my gratitude in a single word.

— Kathleen D.


I recommend a brainlearn course if you are interested. I have taken three courses and was very happy with the instructors, course homepages, and unlimited access to transcripts/videos. The technical support staff has also been great. Professionally done and extremely informative. Bravo!


— Allyson

Art director

Gregg Braden, I am sharing my deep gratitude. Every time I look at my phone, I am able to see how much my heart has been blown open by the humbling gratitude.We are grateful.


— Joan Randolph

Copyrighter is a wonderful organization. I’m grateful for Adrianna’s wisdom and for being so thoughtful and kind about how you do it. Although I am speaking only for myself, I know that others will feel the same gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


— Gladys Kravitz

CEO at Thimpress

We are grateful for the conversation you had with Curtrice Gottard regarding race at this year’s EM Summit. This was the most inspiring talk has ever seen. As I consider how to create my own energy medicine practice, it has been on my mind to help make energy medicine more accessible to communities of color. We are so grateful for your beautiful work!


— Dawn Schwarz

WordPress Developer

Thank you so much for your beautiful work. Your work brings to light, calm, and inspiration to our souls. I have been to many summits and have explored new areas, and I am learning so much.